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    Patience has finally paid off

    Yaros you really are a try hard and people can see it, please stop this blackhat marketing journeys since i dont want this plugin to be destroyed and going offline because of this.
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    WPML / Multilanguage Support

    push, still no answer. @Yaros: when i enable the alidropship woocommerce version will it be fully compatible with wpml?
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    Legal concerns

    Austria, i need to add 20% VAT on the bill, seems like this is only doable with the woocommerce version.
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    How are the taxes calculated?

    Yes i know but woocommerce comes with several hidden costs once you get your shop going - After all i purchased an ecommerce cms here and with the current feature list its an illegal piece of software in most western countries since...
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    How are the taxes calculated?

    Alidropship Plugin lacks a taxing module, just got told today that i cant do legal business with it in my country. Yaros needs to add this asap.
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    Legal concerns

    Alidropship Plugin lacks a taxing module, just got told today that i cant do legal business with it in my country.
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    Too low conversion rate

    Wont we talk abou the fact that yaros delivered a site looking like this? after all his custom shops cost several houndred dollars, i could install the shop + create a logo + source some products and a general niche like that within a few hours most. --- About the site, change your logo...
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    Facebook Shootout Test

    Thank you for the information, really looking forward to more paid shoutotu case studies, once i get started ill contribute a thread myself. How many unique visits did you receive from that post (conversionrate?)
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    Slow loading...

    is alidropship compatible with the current major website speed plugins for wordpress? this + cloudflare cdn should increase the site speed.
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    Nicks Journey

    how many unique visits you get per day at the moment?
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    Nicks Journey

    You can do that but i prefer to make the sales funnel external. Here are 2 good articles about the topic: worth the read.
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    What payment gateway to choose

    I researched a lot over the last few days and came to the conclusion that a big part of the industry uses stripe to dropship (shopify even kinda advertises it for dropshipping) but its officially against their terms of service. What is your experience with using stripe, lets say i buy a more...
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    Nicks Journey

    You need a sales funnel, a separate website where you have informational articles with your backlinks. Example: You work in the survival gear niche, you gonna setup a site with Articles about the survival topic, for example "the 5 most essential survival tools", write a 100-200 Word Text (you...
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    Credit Card Integration - How and where to register ?

    Im currently planing all things necessary for a launch of a new alidropship store, this was one of my questions. I currently compare these options: