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    Women's accessories store Giveaway (FREE)- ALREADY TAKEN!

    I don't see a delete button anywhere. I can delete the comments not the post. Check here: No delete
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    Women's accessories store Giveaway (FREE)- ALREADY TAKEN!

    No what I meant was that the actual domain price is $18 but once it has expired and not renewed within the 12-day period then there are recovery charges which is $80. I know you were not attacking me lol
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    Women's accessories store Giveaway (FREE)- ALREADY TAKEN!

    You can check the screenshot of their email. GoDaddy USD80 It's $80 as recovery charge after the grace period. But anyway, I have already found someone who was interested in the store and it has been transferred to him. Just awaiting domain transfer to complete. How do I remove my post? I don't...
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    Women's accessories store Giveaway (FREE)- ALREADY TAKEN!

    I'm giving away my ultimate package custom store to any interested party. Store link: Chica Mall It's a women's accessories store that was bought in Oct last year, but has made only one sale so far that too last month when my domain and hosting was about to expire (very strange!); the profit...
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    MaxCDN and Akamai

    Has anybody used MaxCDN with Alidropship? Does MaxCDN and Akamai have any compatibility issues with Alidropship plugin? I understand most would not have used Akamai but just in case anybody knows about the compatibility issues.
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    Women's accessories store for sale I bought the Ultimate package custom store from Alidropship in October 2018 for $857. Selling it for $500 I've spent around $166 on Facebook promotional ads/campaigns and $28.5 on Facebook shoutout and group posting. So far I did not come across any genuine Instagram...
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    Jewelry Store for sale with 1561 products with Facebook 8,564 followers

    These so called smart people trying to educate store sellers on how much they should sell the stores for are dumbest I've ever come across. The stores value should go for cost price if no sale made. I will soon put up mine for $857 cost price since I bought the ultimate package custom store in...
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    epacket shipping

    I have selected 'Free Shipping' as a shipping option of the settings page in my wordpress. But considering that most buyers use epacket services, I need to know whether the 'free shipping' is convenient or epacket? The epacket option states the cost can range from 0-$4.5. How then will I know...
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    Facebook ads and Insta shoutouts

    Hello! It appears like I'll be struggling with sales for months to come because I've been advertising it following recommendations from Facebook and looking for suggestions on the net. I've used the Facebook IQ tool to check countries that convert well with E-commerce and Sweden appears to be #1...
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    Shoutout to INDIAN dropshippers

    Hello Kingpin! I recently launched a store dealing in women's accessories. You've stated that your main markets for dropshipping are the U.S. and Australia. Do you promote accessories such as bags, purses, jewelry, sunglasses, cosmetics etc. as well to your Australian market? When I check my...
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    Social Rabbit Question

    No, it's not obvious, it's apparent. It can mean social media websites too.
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    Social Rabbit Question

    And that's precisely why I asked Bella that question. But most likely she meant websites.
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    Facebook Ads

    Thanks for your persistent feedback. You said "you can use them to know more about which countries to target on campaigns.." So that's what the issue is. If I use the data from the review to target the countries during my ad campaign creation, it will apparently conflict with the data suggested...
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    Facebook Ads

    I ordered a custom built store from Alidropship. The reviews that show up are from Ali express. I haven't made any sales yet as the website checking just got completed so I'm trying to go for advertisement/promotion. I cannot know whether or not traffic is converting because haven't launched...
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    Social Rabbit plugin Huge Update( ver. 3.0.2)

    Does one always have to manually update the plugin or is there any option for automatic updates?