Women's accessories store for sale


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I bought the Ultimate package custom store from Alidropship in October 2018 for $857.
Selling it for $500

I've spent around $166 on Facebook promotional ads/campaigns and $28.5 on Facebook shoutout and group posting. So far I did not come across any genuine Instagram influencer with a good engagement. Those who appear to have good engagement do not reply and most have high charges.

The store has not made any sale yet and I can no longer afford to spend anymore on marketing considering the dollar value is very high compared to my local currency.

Not much following on Twitter and Instagram as most follow then unfollow.

All features that come with the Ultimate package are available including hosting by Alidropship ($48 /year).

Inlcudes countdown timer (giving it away free) and
Abdandoned cart add-on (free by alidropship but not sure whether working or not)

Store categories:
Bags, Beauty, Belts, Hair Accessories, Hats, Jewelry, Sunglasses, Wallets and Watches.

Serious buyers only!


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