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Hello! It appears like I'll be struggling with sales for months to come because I've been advertising it following recommendations from Facebook and looking for suggestions on the net. I've used the Facebook IQ tool to check countries that convert well with E-commerce and Sweden appears to be #1 followed by other counties such as Switzerland, Germany, Australia, Estonia and others. Perhaps I'm missing something here. I've used website conversions as my target in FB ads and advertised a catalogue (collection) for my products related to women's accessories with home page video in main cities in the U.S. (after observing audience insights on FB), then tried with main cities in Sweden, then only New York($10 a day for two days), and recently listed main cities in Russia and Brazil..most of my ads for $5 a day for a few days. My total advertising expense has so far reached around $48, and converting that into my local currency is more than 100,000.

I've selected these cities after observing Google trends for the products as well as Facebook's audience insight and the FB IQ tool.

I've also not come across any genuine Insta influencers who can offer $5-$10 shoutouts. Most of those I see have very low engagement so I can't take any risk with them, while others need a high pay.

I would appreciate someone in here who has made enough sales with this business to advise on countries that convert well with ads related to women's accessories (jewelry, handbags, wallets, beauty/makeup, belts etc.). Also, any recommendation for Insta influencers with $10k-$50k followers who charge at most $20 per shoutout? I'm not sure how long I'll last with this business (although it's not even a month I started it), but if at least I can get my ROI, I'll be in a better position to decide to sell it off or continue.
You are running ads on FB but it is not successful?

Keep missing your target customer.

Wasting money and time on

ads that don't convert.

The proportion of profit and CTA is low?


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my products related to women's accessories
That's the core reason for your problems. It saturated to death and not unique enough. Women can get all the accessories they like down the road at the local brick and mortar store. Unless they are REALLY UNIQUE accessories or narrow niche related accessories. e.g "dragons". So you'd have dragon rings, dragon pendants, dragon ear rings, dragon hair clips etc.

Forget all the irrelevant rubbish others are saying ... @Moussdog sums it all up in one simple graphic here ... https://forum.alidropship.com/threads/how-to-find-a-winner-product.13223/#post-59708

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