Will updating product reviews replace previously imported ones?

I'd like to update my products reviews from time to time and I wonder what will happen if I import new reviews for the products with previously imported ones. Will new reviews replace the existing ones or just add up to them? I haven't tested that myself yet, but if anyone has a quick answer for that - thanks in advance.

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it might generate the same reviews again
No it won't.

I'd also make in the settings for all reviews to be sent to draft so you can edit them before publishing. This will also be a safeguard for new reviews from customers on your site who may accuse you of being a drop shipper ... *shock!*

Also use these words in the blacklist ...

drop ship
drop shipping
drop shipper

...plus any others you can think of.



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in the first post you said it "might" and in this one you said it "does". Which is it?
As for me ... I've never noticed duplicate reviews.
for me it does generate the same reviews again........
but i said might because i think it shouldnt and might be a simple setting i missed or something else, so it might not happen to him, not sure.
but it does regenerate them for me.


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Nope. I'm not getting duplicates.
after reading your comment saying it doesnt, i spent the last 40 minutes trying to replicate that, and at some point i thought im just losing my mind because i couldn't. but i think i finally figured out why it DOES and DOESN'T.

if you import a review and translate it / change the text (or the name, not sure which one yet), it will re-import the original review as like it doesnt exist in the system.

spending the last 40 minutes trying to import/update reviews in any way possible, i figured the only 'duplicated' reviews i get are the translated ones, so testing this idea i imported a review to a product and changed the comment text to: "changed text for testing purposes. A.K.A “Translations of reviews”
and the name to "Valeri" because the original name was V***i, so i kept it's base.
published the comment and then updated comments in both ways: through aliwoo settings (the bulk update option) and the direct product update from the WP product edit panel. both methods gave the following results:
it did reimport the original comment, so the same comment now exist in the system twice, just different text/name:

you can see the name, the date published, and the pictures are totally the same.
but bottom line, i guess it doesn't "duplicate" the reviews, since you basicly changed the first one so its not a "duplicate" per se.
but it still 'looks bad' having the same comment with the same pictures over and over again but different text - if you miss the duplicates.

next thing ill test if its duplicates just by changing the name, or the whole text needs to be changed.

hope im clear, because i got a little confused my self.
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its like saying "i dont think the average customer would notice the aliexpress seller's logo in the top corner of a few picture anyways". either way, i dont like leaving such vulnerabilitites :D so it worth being aware of such small thing.
to me, it gives a less-trustability feeling.
as they say, god is in the details.

but you are right, if its just one or two it probably wont effect much in a big site with lots of reviews.

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its like saying "i dont think the average customer would notice the aliexpress seller's logo in the top corner of a few picture anyways".
Absolutley nothing like that at all. What an extreme, overly dramatic comparison. And I didn't say a "few" ... I said "quite a few". In other words, a "lot". If there were only a "few", of course they may be noticed. God, I hate being misquoted.
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