What do you pay a instagram influencer?


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I reached out to various pages, but i get crazy high amounts for a shoutout $70 for 12 hours. quite high in my opinion.
And is 12 hours useful or is it too long to be effective?


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So yeah, if the influencer has 70K followers, $70 would be a fair price.
That said, it depends of course on the niche, but even more so on the followers: are they real or bought?
On http://influence.iconosquare.com you can list influencers per niche, and you can see their followers as well as their ER (engagement ratio)
That way you can make an assessment of whether or not those followers are actually worth something or not.


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About the 12 hours: that's actually quite long. It depends on how broad your target market is. If you sell internationally, your sales could be spread over a 24-hour period. The length of the shoutout is something that you can negotiate with the influencer. Bear in mind that a 12-hour shoutout means that the influencer shouldn't post anything else during that 12 hours.