What Are The Best Free Must have Plugins To Start My Alidropship Website?

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This question 2 times this week .. alone.

If you state if you're using the Original or Woo version ... I could use that search box above for you and find the relevant threads for you.


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There doesn't seem to be any threads concerning reccomended plugins for the Original. Only Woo. Congrats! This thread is a first! ;)

Many plugins (free and paid) do not work with the Original, but here are some useful ones that do.

From Alidropship .. https://alidropship.com/addons/
Alidropship's Abandoned Cart

There is also Customers Gallery and Google Analytics for free there ... but they're not that important.

From WP-Admin>Plugins>Add New (Search Box)
Mailpoet Newsletters
Wordfence Security
WP Super Cache
Open Graph for Facebook, Google+ and Twitter Card Tags (Ignore the Google+, it's been scrapped)
WP Chatbot
SMUSH (Image size reducer)

There's others you could use, but they are not "must have", like
WP Quiz (post links to quizzes on your site to bring traffic)
Enhanced Media Library (Makes categories for images to make it easier to manage them)

Then are are other ones that use shortcodes, but you'd have to make a child theme and edit theme files to use them.

Anyone else with more suggestions?


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Smush often blocks the import of images thus it is not recommended.
re.Smush.it is an option.
I haven't used SMUSH for several months. I use EWWW now. (Trying and testing different plugins is an ongoing process)

But when I did use it, I had no problems with image imports being blocked. Everyone's setup is unique. There other factors, different settings etc involved. What gives problems for some, causes no problems for others.
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