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Sellika needs beta testers!

We have worked a lot and now are glad to provide Sellika plugin for beta testing. We need your feedback to improve our tool, fix any possible bugs, and make Sellika perfect for ecommerce entrepreneurs. Here you can find more information about what Sellika is and how it can help you with your ecommerce website.

If you have a WordPress store with WooCommerce or AliDropship installed and want to test Sellika, contact us via email support@sellika.com or PM me here. You’ll get an email with your free Sellika plugin and two API keys for activation. Your deposit for testing will be 1,000 points, and your API keys will be valid up to the 30th of April. Consult this guide to learn about Sellika activation and settings.

Remember that you spend a point from your deposit each time you click Make Beautiful button.

We are open for your feedback and glad to hear any suggestions, questions and notes!

when make beatifuly get error "400 INVALID_ARGUMENT Request must specify image and features. "

Andy Studer

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my feedback: it would be awesome to be able to save my own customized text in sellika for...

Show "More Information" block
Show "Product Q&A" block
Show "Ordering & Store Policies" block

so it shows the text i want for More Information, Q&A and Ordering & Store Policies block...

that would be awesome... :)


when make beatifuly get error "400 INVALID_ARGUMENT Request must specify image and features. "
Do you get this error in all the products or in one definite product? This can happen when the featured image of the product cannot be recognised.

Craig Sutcliffe

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Beta testing period is prolonged till the 31st of May. So, if you want to try Sellika plugin, you are welcome!
I expected to see a update by now, there is still the problem with the original title in the description if you change it, plus access to the templates to make alterations is a good idea. Food for thought. Cheers