Urgent response requested


I am trying to import some products for my site www.techyuga.com. However, here are the issues i am facing:
1. product images are not getting imported.
2. My store currency is in INR. also i have set aliexpress currency as INR. However, it is importing price in USD and showing in INR. For ex: product price is 1.5$, after import, it is 1.5 INR. But it should be around 90 INR.
3. Also, i am unable to edit the images while importing. the screen is stuck in airplane loading only.

Anytime, i try using this plugin for ecom use. It creates some issue. I don't know, why i paid this amount to buy this plugin while many free plugins are already out there.
I have been asking for their support via live chat. But no response yet. Seems like they are treating their customers just like, they treat in dropshipping.

Can anyone advise what can i do right now?