Shipping companies in Dubai were one of the most impacted markets during the pandemic. More and more self-isolated people begun to buy products online, making the retail company upgrade all the welfares.

The shipping trends in 2021 were formed usually because of the necessity to deliver more products in less time, often with closed borders. However, innovative technologies guide the changes in logistics in the coming years.

The shipping company usually works with e-commerce; it is one of the most rapid-growing markets in the world. An analysis shows that the logistic market expands to more than 12 trillion dollars by 2023. In 2022 we will see the growth of AI, machine learning data, and data science in transportation.

Let us look at the following trends that will take the logistics companies in Dubai to the next level.

  • Trend 1: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI already affected the transportation sector in the last decade. With the help of AI, the operation functionally find the feasible problem and purpose of the decision. New transport technology implementing AI was influential in the pandemic; management positions began to work remotely like many people during the lockdown period.

According to research, with AI, Dubai logistics companies help gain more than 50% a year. Big industries raise investments in AI technologies to save money and time in the future.

  • Trend 2: Automating warehouses

Transportation companies in 2021 trends are mainly focused on the automation of the manual workforce. Many logistics companies in Dubai see almost all their problems in automating and utilizing robots for efficient warehouses.

The goal of such a decision can make routine work cheaper and more comfortable for the business. It is also used to improve monitoring, dispatching products, and receiving products in the warehouse.

  • Trend 3: Autonomous vehicles

Transportation trend also affects the autonomous vehicles used for delivery; this trend was considered unreal for almost every manufacturer. Only a few big logistics companies were investing in autonomous goods transportation. Self-driving trucks can ease drivers’ work in the future and be efficient working on busy roads to predict and analyze traffic.

  • Trend 4: Blockchain

Blockchain is amongst the biggest buzzwords in any company type. It is also one of the overhyped logistics technology trends. But, the complex concept of the blockchain has been challenging to grasp for the public, despite its capability for potential use cases both within and outside of the logistics.

  • Trend 5: Freight tracking

Another trend that can potentially take the logistics companies in Dubai to the next level to build a platform that leverages blockchain technology that supports the end-to-end shipping process. The platform lets all use to track shipment location at every delivery time with the help of encrypted public ledgers. The documents photocopies are uploaded into the platform after the delivery completion, which results in increased visibility and transparency of goods in transit.

  • Trend 6: 5G

5G could potentially push the Shipping companies in Dubai into full digitalization by providing end-to-end continuous coverage for monitoring, theft detection, and tracking. Adapting 5G is not without challenges and will depend on investment in 5G infrastructure and taking a different approach to roaming rules and regulations and licensing terms that help telecom operators collectively overcome the challenge of delivering 100 percent coverage.

  • Trend 7: Growth of the Internet of things
  • Trend 8: Big Data Analytics
  • Trend 9: Sustainability through technology
  • Trend 10: Digital Training


Shipping companies in Dubai argue the rising investments into innovation. Distribution businesses require new logistic solutions for the unique challenges we have in the pandemic time.


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In terms of transportation, logistics after the quarantine began to suffer for many
Logistics have not suffered and have not become worse, at least for developed countries. Now even has additional resources to do its own thing. I would not say that the EU suffers from an influx of tourists or a lack of government orders, but many have indeed started to work on a different scale. If we compare previous reporting years and the current globalization period, I would say that our transport companies are not doing too badly.


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Transport will be always needed, so it doesn't matter how word is changing, transportation industry will change with it.

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