Testing Facebook Leads Strategy


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Hello guys, I wanna test my own script for couple of days and I could take 4-5 requests

I could send you up to 50 groups to join
I will find many groups at once. Organized by keyword. Get Group Name, URL, and Number of Members.

I will Find many of prospects who belong to groups that I found above.

its not life time process, its to test my application and I would like to help you guys at the same time.
Let me know your niche and I'll give you the file :)


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well I just tried a list of 2501 people
the script grab all of those having filled up email info in their profile account.

I got 15 real emails. Not sur if the 2486 others did not filled up their email or the script is not working well loll

As I said.. its a very long process but now I have 15 real lead for the choosen niche :p


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I would use email marketing but I can also message ALL of them with my tool automatically using spintex.
but the second option is more dangerous to get ban.
I will try anyway with my fake account