Social Rabbit ver. 3.0 (beta) - Beta Testers Needed

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We are realising a new version of the Social Rabbit plugin that includes many changes and improvements. But first, we need to test it, catch and fix the bugs, if there are any, and may be add some more useful options and features.

We need 10-15 beta testers.

To become a beta tester and get a free license key with the plugin you need to meet several requirements:
  1. You need to be an experienced Social Rabbit plugin user.
  2. You need to have Skype.
  3. You need to have time on testing and participating in this process actively giving your feedback.
Please contact me directly on Skype: yarosnevsky. In return I will add you to the beta group and send the plugin and license key.

Main features of Social Rabbit plugin ver. 3.0.

New and more convenient interface.

We got Facebook back to the Rabbit. However some functions (like Grabber) were removed to avoid blocking by Facebook. Now you don’t need to create a Facebook app, you will be able to authorize on Facebook via Social Rabbit app automatically.

Mutual Promotion. This tool gains lots of likes, comments and followers within a short period of time, exploiting other Social Rabbit plugins installed on other sites. They give likes, comments and follow each other automatically. Mutual Promotion tool is available for Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Social Networks Analysis. You can get necessary stats in overview section. In the activities list below, you will see all the actions on the selected social network.

Delayed publications from Gallery. You can schedule posts right in the Gallery for a particular social network or for all networks at once.

Posting to Instagram Stories. You can post photos and GIF’s (that's a new feature as well) from media gallery to your Instagram Stories.

Planner. Now you can have a clear picture of your current and future posts on all social networks.

Image Editor. You can edit the file right in your Media Gallery (resize, add stickers, add text, effect, etc.)

Importing images and GIF’s from and databases straight to your Media Gallery.

Hashtag Generator. This great tool analyzes a Product Featured Image on the basis of computer vision and adds necessary hashtags automatically. Using %TAG% variable, you can automatically include Hashtags of particular products into Social Rabbit tools like Poster, Gallery or Blog Template.

Searching by tags. Now you can use tags to search for Instagram groups and users on Promoter and Grabber sections.

Swipeable carousel allows posting up to 10 images of a product on Instagram Poster. The plugin takes images from your Product Gallery.

... and there are some more new features.
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