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I am new to forums...

I want to ask I have a premium store and a few months ago I bought SEO STARTER PACK BASIC PACKAGE and also done some SEO work by myself.
now some traffic is coming which is good but traffic is very little.
so the question is should I buy Yoast Seo premium or ADVANCE package of SEO STARTER PACK?
What's the difference between these two?
Hi, rankmath offer anything yoast pro offer for free,check it out


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Mate I gave you the solution , I will not take you from the hand for I will teach you how to use it also.
Do something yourself ;)

Try youtube ,Google, Bing


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How to improve your company’s website and popularity? SEO marketing companies can help you in this case. You only need to pay some money for their work and they will do all stuff by themselves and you won’t have any problems. So, it’s a very easy and comfortable way to get better sales for you product. There a lot of SEO companies, but I want to recommend the london seo agency because they have a lot of experience and good conditions.


I also have done some SEO work by myself, but the result was so insignificant, so I decided to hire an SEO agency.
Indeed, it is essential to have a highly ranked site.
Despite the development of social networks, over 60% of the traffic is still made up of search engine users.
The conversion rate from users from search is several times higher than the same indicator from other sources (for example, emails). There are many such data: all of them show that good results (including payback) are possible only with high-quality SEO promotion.
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Hey Shoaib. There are many ways you can increase traffic on your website. Make sure your On-page SEO is done perfectly. On-page optimization factors you need to know are-
Meta tags- Title, description for each page. Header tags (h1-h6) and alt tags on images.
Keyword optimization in meta title and meta description
Keyword optimization in the content of your web pages.
If you want more traffic to your site to mean more sales, you'll need to target keywords with high commercial intent. Other ways to drive traffic to your website are
  1. One of the most effective ways to boost traffic to your website is to use social media channels to promote your content.
  2. Target Long-Tail Keywords
  3. Use Content Marketing services to increase your reach
  4. Write Some Guest Posts - Writing a blog post for a platform other than your own ( from a similar industry) is known as guest blogging. You'll get a link back to your site in exchange. This increases traffic to your site provides a backlink and raises brand awareness.