Sellika options in more details


There are three buttons in Sellika that edit information for products and categories:

1) Make Beautiful for products;

2) Make Colorful for products;

3) Make Beautiful for categories.

Product options

Make Beautiful button generates keywords, product titles, and descriptions. Pay attention that each time you click Make Beautiful button, you spend a point from your deposit – even if you don’t save changes or click this button in the product which has already been edited.

There are three tabs in Make Beautiful window: Title Options, Competitors, and Additional Content.

Title Options rename the product using relevant keywords and significant characteristics.

Title Options.png

The first line shows the main title which is composed of image-specific keywords.

The second title is made up of the original one.

In the third line you can see the original title for comparison.

You can also edit the title or write your own one.


This tab also provides a list of relevant keywords.

You can tick the boxes on the left to include or exclude necessary keywords.

If you click 'Show all keywords', you can look through the list af all keywords available for this product.

Besides, if you need to add your own keyword, you can enter a new keyword in the special field below and press a tick button to add it.


The star button allows setting the main keyword.

The text button adds the keyword to the product title.

The pin button adds the keyword to memory.

The pencil button edits the keyword.

Competitors tab displays information about titles of the same product in other stores.


The key button adds the selected title to keywords.

The text button adds the title to your product title.

The pin button adds the title as a keyword to memory.

The eye button opens the site with this product in a new tab.

Additional Content tab is used to add some information to description.

Additional Content.png

Here you can add and format some necessary content in the visual editor.

To save settings in all tabs, click Publish button.
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Make Colorful option renames colors in product variations.

Clicking Make Colorful option does not spend points from your deposit, but if your balance is zero, you can use neither of the two buttons.

Edit colors.png

The first line in each color displays the original color name.

The second line shows the suggested color name. You can click other suggested colors to find the one you prefer. Use Original button restores the original color name until you save the changes.

To save the changes, click Apply button.


Description Options

In Settings, there are the following Product description options:
  • Remove images from product description
  • Remove original text from product description
  • Add images from description to gallery
  • Show "Product Promo" block
  • Show "More Information" block
  • Show "Product Q&A" block
  • Show "Ordering & Store Policies" block
Using the first two options, you can remove supplier's images and original text from the product description. Pay attention that if you enable these two options and disable the last four options, your product description will be empty!

The third option allows downloading supplier's images from the product description to the product gallery.

The last four options set what blocks will be shown in the product descriptions. All texts in these blocks are useful for marketing purposes and combine product information with some call to action patterns. These blocks are ready-to-use templates, you don’t need to write them on your own. But we have received a lot of feedback that it would be great to make these blocks editable, so we keep it in mind.

Product Promo and Product Questions & Answers blocks can contain product's price. You don't need to edit this price, the plugin takes your current price for this product (the price of the cheapest variation).

More Information block includes some item specifics of the product.

If you both keep supplier's text and images and add some Sellika blocks, the text templates will come first, and the original information will be placed at the end of the description.


Product SEO templates

If you have a WooCommerce-based website, you'll have Product SEO templates in Settings.

To make SEO settings work, you should have Yoast SEO plugin installed and activated on your site.


When you click Make Beautiful button, the plugin creates SEO title and description for the product.

You can set templates for products' titles and descriptions using various tags:
  • {{title}} is a tag for a product title;
  • {{domain}} is a tag for your website's domain name;
  • {{firstkey}} is a tag for a word/word combination that is set as a main keyword in the Title Options tab;
  • {{keywords}} is a tag for all keywords from the Title Options tab.
Combining these tags and adding your own text (or using default templates), you'll get nice snippets that look great and are optimized for search engines.

Compare how your snippet looks like without Sellika:
without sellika.png
And how it looks with Sellika:
with sellika.png
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Make Beautiful for Product Categories

Using Sellika, you can generate descriptions for your product categories.

Go to Sellika settings => Category description options and enable blocks that you like: Content, Additional, and Footer. The selected blocks with ready text templates will be added to the category description. Then click Save button.

Go to Product categories, select a category or a subcategory, and click Make Beautiful. (In categories, clicking Make Beautiful button does not reduce your deposit!) Then click Update to save changes.

Keep in mind that Footer block displays random customers' reviews. If there are no reviews for products in the chosen category, there will be only dots without text.