Restrict Discount Code Usage to One Time Per User


I am thinking about having my customer a privilege of 10% discount on their first purchased only.

This can be limit by the email address that they use during checkout.

I will ask them to subscribe to my mailing list to get the coupon. It is great for leads generation I think.

So that this can limit the usage of the coupon and avoid it from being share.


Hoping to support to implement this :):):)


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likexise said:
{...} It is great for leads generation I think. {...}
How did it go?

Any updates to share?

What email collecting service did you use?

BtW: Do like your optin form:)

Did your create it yourself or used a service?
I would also really like this feature. Coupons should be unique for each abandoned cart for 1 use. I have too many abandoned carts to try and do this manually.
AliDropship Woo uses the WooCommerce framework. So you can just use the WooCommerce coupon codes.

If you're just using the AliDropship plugin without WooCommerce, this feature is not possible. Should I release a plugin for this?
Think you'd make a lot of people happy if you did.