Restrict Discount Code Usage to One Time Per User


I am thinking about having my customer a privilege of 10% discount on their first purchased only.

This can be limit by the email address that they use during checkout.

I will ask them to subscribe to my mailing list to get the coupon. It is great for leads generation I think.

So that this can limit the usage of the coupon and avoid it from being share.


Hoping to support to implement this :):):)


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likexise said:
{...} It is great for leads generation I think. {...}
How did it go?

Any updates to share?

What email collecting service did you use?

BtW: Do like your optin form:)

Did your create it yourself or used a service?
I would also really like this feature. Coupons should be unique for each abandoned cart for 1 use. I have too many abandoned carts to try and do this manually.