Remove Sale Price

Sorry for re-asking this question, but how do I remove the sale price?
No matter where I edit the price from, be it the product, the variation, or the update page, the sale price always returns once I manually update my products, which I do every other day since the auto update doesn't work properly with the WooCommerce version of AliDropShip.

I don't want so many sales on my website, can anyone help?


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I came across two different ways to fix this.
The first was to add this plugin:
It is easy to remove/change the sale price without messing anything up. Of course, after every update, the sale prices will reset, but if you have the premium version for around $20 you can bulk edit them.

The second solution I found, and its the one I'm currently using, is to add this code:
It completely removes all sales prices on all products, variables included. (I found that placing the add_filter commands beneath the function looked better on the front end while loading)