woocommerce version of alidropship

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    Alidropship woo product importing error

    Hello, After upgrading today woocommerce plugin to v3.6.0, alidropship woo product import stopped working completely. Chrome extension is working fine, cleared chrome browsing data, deactivated and reactivated the plugin, purged cache on wordpress, but still not working. Attached screenshot...
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    Ppst lost while addin new itema

    I was using alidropship's stardard theme but i wanted to change to this new theme so i asked somebody to help me switch theme - at first he did ok. Then he was going to add extra items but when he started to add the new items all my item variables and some images ahve dissapeared i am not...
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    Remove Sale Price

    Sorry for re-asking this question, but how do I remove the sale price? No matter where I edit the price from, be it the product, the variation, or the update page, the sale price always returns once I manually update my products, which I do every other day since the auto update doesn't work...