Rembrandt Product images on home not showing


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I tried uploading to:
image - 0 (size: 291x360):
in customization-home, but I get grey boxes.

After setting to "Default"and save settings, the slider resets to default, but the product pages dont. its grey.
I also tried deleting theme, and reuploading, but get same results.
any recommendations?



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I just updated rembrandt to
and I lost the categories up on top, below the top menu, above the slider.
it seems like the previous version didnt have "Category menu" under customizing-menu, it just said "this theme supports two menus". the new one has a third option, but when I changed that before, it took the product categories off (this happened before also, I reinstalled theme, and fixed, but update did it again.)
I tried customize-general-Add default pages and menus, and I get an error message on a page with text beginning with:
"Section 1 – what do we do with your information?"

the 3 product boxes below slider are still grey.


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I started with Rembrandt and got the same error message. Some default pages were not added. Trying "Add default pages" seemed to reset my homepage. After trying different things, I activated both other themes, and then reactivated Rembrandt. I end up with many default pages. Some pages I add to Top menu, while others seem to work on the product pages (shipping and delivery, refund and returns show up under "shipping and payment" tab). Let me be clear, I think that's what resulted. Main issue for me was "Products" page doesn't seem to be added. I worked around this by adding a category "all products", all items are also listed under that category, changed the "Shop Now" link on the slider to the all products category url, and removed the Products link in the Top menu. "Shop Now" button goes to a page that says 'All Products". As for as the 3 images under slider, I just added the normal way and it was never an issue but I did this after all the other fixes I did. My biggest concern is that reviews are not added. The "Reviews" tab does not have the proper hashtag (ie #details, #shipping, #specifics) and reviews are not added or if they are they are not viewable. I found that on the two demonstration themes Rembrandt and Michelango, same issue. DaVinci seems to be ok. If this is related to "Add Default Pages" issue I don't know. Anyone have input? Anybody? Wish you well. -john