1. Gigster

    Rembrandt theme zoom magnifier issue

    Hello, I think there's a bug with the product zoom magnifier on featured videos with Rembrandt theme. Zoom magnifier works fine with images, only problem is with featured videos. Maybe it's just my website though. Thanks!
  2. Gigster

    Disable Rembrandt Image LazyLoad

    I want to disable lazy load on my home page, and also on single product gallery. Any ideas how? Thanks, José Emilio
  3. Moha

    Rembrandt Slider Image issue

    Hi, Need help with the slider image sizes for Rembradt theme. Its possible that this was discussed in the forum and resolved. But I could not find a solution thread. The theme says 1920x420 as the image size. But this size does not fit in the placeholder. The image always gets stretched and...
  4. R

    Problem with Category Title Display

    Hello, I am using the Rembrandt theme. Could someone tell me why, when you click on a category in the menu, that the display heading title (that's the heading under the menu but before the product images) is showing OK for some categories, yet in others it is just showing as "<img src=''...
  5. D

    Rembrandt Theme

    how to change or delete the image in Rembrandt theme. I have deleted the image, but it still exists. Please help
  6. omktg

    WARNING Yandex Metrica Pixel On Every Michelangelo and Rembrandt Theme [SOLVED]

    Hello Guys... @Ekaterina Sayapina @Victoria Kudryashova @Yaros @Elena One of my Dropshipping sites is using the AliDropship main plugin [Bought 2 Licenses to test the main and woo version of the plugin]. While testing and configuring it for performance [CDN/SSL/DNS/CACHE/ETC]... I found that...
  7. G

    Rembrandt Categories Display Order

    Hi all, couple of questions regarding Rembrandt theme and categories: 1) Is there a way to change the categories/sub-categories display order with Rembrandt? 2) Can we use a menu plugin (e.g. Mega Menu plugin) for the categories?
  8. L

    Rembrandt theme buttons

    Hello. I have an issue with the color of the buttons. On site is set one color, and when I enter from smartphone - it's another. Why? And how can I fix it? (on pisc it's chrome on android and safari on ios) And is it possible to remove the "Shop now" button at all (or make it like "Viev video"...
  9. tamzy

    Theme Conversion Rate

    Has anyone done a test to see which of the three available AliDropship themes converts the best? I've noticed that on the sites (that I've seen) that Yaros runs, he uses the DaVinci theme. Anybody have any concrete or anecdotal info about this that they want to share?
  10. L

    rembrandt theme

    hello someone can explain how to change those images? i'd like to put my own small pics there
  11. jeighseauxn

    Rembrandt Theme - Main product image not showing

    I recently added the rembrandt theme to my store and but when I add products to the store the main product image doesn't show. I get a default grey screen for the main image when on the actual products page. The thumbnail on the site shows up fine just not when on the actual products page, if...
  12. E

    Rembrandt images not changing through customization

    Hi there. I am having a glitch happen on my page. The stock pictures on the homepage that correspond to "Top Selling Products", "Best Deals" and New Arrivals" can not be switched. I have tried using different pictures and no luck. Has anybody experienced this glitch? And how do I go about...
  13. reian

    Rembrandt Product images on home not showing

    hello, I tried uploading to: Products image - 0 (size: 291x360): in customization-home, but I get grey boxes. After setting to "Default"and save settings, the slider resets to default, but the product pages dont. its grey. I also tried deleting theme, and reuploading, but get same results...