Can we please get a decent reskin on this plugin ? Not trying to be rude but the notifications look horrible..Just have a look on your competitors and you'll understand what I mean.
Thanks in advance
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Future features to consider if possible.

Under MAIN SETTINGS -> DISPLAY OPTIONS. Please consider allowing us to provide the POST ID of posts or Pages that we don't want the ADD-ON (RECENT POPUP) to popup there.

Why? What if i am creating a SALES PAGE (landing page) as my promotion for a certain product or just want to collect their email address.

As a customer, while i'm watching a video or reading the contents; suddenly this RECENT POPUP feature popups. it distract me and i lost focus. And i click. So it brought me to the page of the products. Which probably i don't buy.

As a result, m prospect or customer got lost. Will not be interested what i put in my landing page.

Hope you guys get my point and consider this FEATURE. Just 1 box where we can provide the POST ID (comma separated like "2232, 3532,1123..." and so on).