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Hi to everyone. I am watching and reading on this forum 2 years already. Gained soo much lectures about dropshipping and so on.
So first of all, Thanks to all of you.
Since my store started on this forum I want to say I was motivated one day reading this forum and started to make store.
Btw this store is kind of weird hmm I am not gonna show you Link of the store but I will share the product that generate my more then 5000$ almost each month.

Its about this PRODUCT !!!

I Know its strange kind of products but believe me, If you can find market for those kind of Products. Then you can sleep like a baby :)
Good luck to everyone!


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Well to be honest I dint saw it is affiliate link. Just wanted to share that product with you guys. You can try it by yourself and you will se good revenue!


While finding that holy grail product sounds amazing, for most folks starting out, it's probably a marathon, not a sprint. There's a lot to be said for building a steady stream of side hustles from home, even if they're not bringing in fireworks right away.

You can test the waters, find your niche, and gain valuable experience while you grow. Who knows, maybe you'll stumble on a hidden gem along the way!

Personally, I'm a big believer in diversification. Having a few smaller income streams coming in from different sources feels more secure than chasing a single, potentially volatile product.
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