1. Nikson11

    Best Supplier on aliexpress??

    Hello Folks. I tried many suppliers on aliexpress and most of them are not serious about bussiness I mean they promise something that they cant do. I want to share my supplier that actually works good and for now everything is fine. So if you want to share your one that would be great if not you...
  2. Nikson11

    Product that make more then 5000$ at month!!!

    Hi to everyone. I am watching and reading on this forum 2 years already. Gained soo much lectures about dropshipping and so on. So first of all, Thanks to all of you. Since my store started on this forum I want to say I was motivated one day reading this forum and started to make store. Btw this...
  3. wanabud

    DOKU Bisnis Payment

    is there any of my friends here who have experience integrating alidropship plugin with DOKU payment (Indonesian Payment)? Because I've seen Aliexpress website compatible with DOKU payment for indonesian customer. I hope alidropship can be integrate with DOKU ( )...
  4. Hussam

    I am STUCK???

    Hi everyone Ok so last February was my 17th birthday and as a gift from my parents I received 950 dollars (I dunno why they couldn't add 50 more so don't ask) plus they opened me a bank account. In the next few days I started pursing my dream which is to have my own clothing brand but I had to...