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So everything was working fine until I update my theme and plugin and now my products are not showing on the cart.
I can add the products but when I click checkout there's nothing there :\
Anyone encounter a problem like this? and how to solve it?

I have the same problem... As well I noticed strange thing when I'm on my homepage, my promotional video from youtube starts playing itself, the windows of video doesn't show up, but I can hear the video playing itself, when I click "watch" video window shows up, but I can see that video was playing for the while...

Vitaly Kukin

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Hi guys.

We are faced with the problem of when to cart accrue goods. This is due to the fact that the server session correctly fulfill (possibly properly set the session lifetime).
Try to contact your hosting provider. On our hosting is no such problem.
i have same problem and the support really sucks untill now no reply to my msgs on them
Guys I've fix this. What I did:
1. update theme
2. I'm using cloudflare, I have clear cache
3. Clear cache from my browsers.

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i dont have problem with the cart untill i update the plugin and im rady to lauch the site but this bug keeps me postponed the launch
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