Possible to do Affiliate Marketing?


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Question 1:
I an wanting to promote my site using affiliate marketing and am wanting to know if anyone knows how to or if there are any options for generating codes or anything in order to facilitate the affiliate marketing?

Question 2:
I have now been told by someone in the IT industry that I really should have gotten the AliDropship Woo plugin, rather than the normal AliDropship plugin, because woo commerce has easy options for affiliate marketing.
IF there is no means of using affiliate marketing with the normal AliDropship plugin, I would like to know if is it possible for me to purchase the AliDropship Woo plugin and swap my existing site over to that?

Hope someone has some answers!

Many Thanks


Your first question was answered by your friend. Woocommerce will facilitate all the options you require for affiliate marketing.
As for your second question, The license works on either version, if you activated it on alidropship and want to move to woocommerce all you have to do is contact support and they will reset your license.


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Just know products in alidrop plugin cannot be transferred to alidropwoo without jumping through hoops. If you are not familiar with PHP and Wordpress, you'll have to re-import products.

Talk to support and they can give you a test key to work with a subdomain of your domain, like staging.yourdomain.com so you can set it up right in woocommerce while having both sites running.