Plugin Timeout when I place order automatic


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Hey guys!

When I try to use the order automatically option, the plugin get timeout when adding the address. Anyone encountered this issue?

Thanks in advance.


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This is an issue for me to. When I click the Place Order Automatically button it goes through and does all the things, opens AliExpress and runs through the process on each page, but then on the payment page if fails when the automation clicks to submit the payment. I have to then do the final step manually and re-enter the message to the seller because it gets cleared when the page reloads. I did experience the same issue trying to order something directly on AliExpress a few days ago, but I think it is woth Alidropship developers looking into this and confirming for us.
Here is the response from support:

There is an issue with fulfilling the State field for the USA, which we are unable to fix, at least for now. You need to enter the State manually.
Otherwise, according to our tests it’s working fine.
I got the same answer but still having the same issue (with USA/ UK addresses). What about you? Is it working fine now ?

I think one of our chrome extension is probably blocking the alidropship one...
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I am still having the problem. I tried the automatic ordering with no other Chrome extensions and it still did not work. Hopefully it is on their "to do" list to fix it.