Paypal not working for Indian dropshipping stores


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To integrate my Paypal business account for Express Checkout and credit cards, I followed the steps exactly as given here:

However, on the checkout page, when I try logging in to my Paypal, or using the credit card option, it gives an error message with "Return to merchant" button, clicking on which routes me back to my store with a failure message as shown below:



After doing some research on Paypal forums, this is what I found:


I have already written about this to support team at Alidropship, as well as Paypal but haven't heard from any one yet.

Anybody else having this issue on their recently set up store? Was anyone able to resolve this anyhow? I'd appreciate any sort of help or insights.



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Looks like the matter was something else. Just got this email from Paypal about the issue at hand:

PayPal express checkout is available for India country.

You're getting this error because PayPal doesn't allow the Indian merchant to receive money from an Indian customer in a non-INR currency due to some internal & business reasons.

To resolve your issue, please kindly use any overseas PayPal account or overseas card to make payment in USD currency.

Also, we're working very hard on the INR currency and have planned to launch it either in last week of March or mid of April 2018 for the India domestic payment.

P.S. I have no idea what they're trying to say.