paypal error

  1. U

    payments not going through

    hello i recently switched to the alidropship plugin and right now stripe and paypal no longer work on my site transactions arent going through does anyone have a solution to this problem i have contacted the support team but they havent responded and i already have ads running
  2. Boeing777

    Paypal not working for Indian dropshipping stores

    To integrate my Paypal business account for Express Checkout and credit cards, I followed the steps exactly as given here: However, on the checkout page, when I try logging in to my Paypal, or using the credit card option...
  3. W

    Using Wordpress Woocommerce Paypal Error

    Whenever i check PayPal Express option it won't work showing error ... standard paypal working fine is there any solution ?
  4. P

    Paypal Checkout not working after deactivate FREE Shipping

    Hi, I found a bug in your great useful plugin (Standalone version) After I deactivated the FREE Shipping and activated super savings shipping or any other shipping fee. It produces an error after the visitor clicks on the PayPal button. The same thing happens if you activate any shipping fee...
  5. Bamise

    Paypal Expert | Need your attention!:confused:

    Please if you are used to paypal please kindly look at the images attached. 1.What do they mean by Paypal 3rd Party ? 2. API Access 3. Permission | why do i have to permit another API, when i dont even have one before?:confused: Please opinion ?
  6. S

    Error during Paypal Transaction

    Hi there, It may not be related to Alidropship plugin however after placing the order / payment on paypal website the customer gets the following error: Not Found The requested URL...