One click upsell


Hi everybody,
I was thinking about something really interesting that could push the revenue
Talking about OTO (one time offer) and one click upsell

everyone who made a purchase,
before to go to thank you page, could show up a pop up or another page
where is possible to add related product with an offer that will show just one time.

with a button buy now (or even better possibility to modify the message on buy button) as yes i want this incredible offer
and under botton no, i don't like to save money linked to thank you page

another option is to include a message in the payment page with a nice image like here.. with one click to add the item in cart...
please let me know what do you think about it.

PS: I love constructive critics , make me think better

Be Great


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bump for this suggestion, I think this can be a really good add-on or new feature to alidropship and I hope you make this available, thanks