not getting aliexpress order # after placing order automatically

got my first sale on the 2nd day of launching my site :D, so this is my first time placing an order for my customer but things didn't go as smoothly as expected.

i understand that after placing an order, the order is supposed to be updated automatically with aliexpress order # and the status of the order changed to 'processed' from 'processing'? well, that didn't happen for me. the status is still showing as processing and the order wasn't updated with aliexpress order number.
the order i placed on aliexpress went through without a problem so i don't know why i'm not getting the order number. i'm also not getting the tracking number either.

i'm still running on alidropship woo version 1.2.5 but that shouldn't be the problem, right? the only problem i can see is my google chrome extension is not turned 'on' even when my site is already authorized. could this be the problem, if so, how do i get the extension to turn 'on'?

Using the same plugins on all of the websites, on some it works, on others it doesn't. I have even sent a few videos of the issue to the Developers team. Quite used to it now, got to spend some additoinal minutes during a day, but I had prepared some macros for it, so I just set them and go make a coffee etc., though I think it should be fixed, or the cause should be found.
Using the same plugins on all of the websites, on some it works, on others it doesn't.
just curious, are all your sites hosted with the same company and have same server settings? could there be anything on the server side that differentiates the non-working sites from the working sites?


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I had this same issue occur within 1 day of successful order tracking.

Sometime around Jan 22nd, everything was being saved properly, and then orders after jan 23rd didn't have automatic order numbers.

I didn't notice this until tracking numbers were not being updated yesterday for several dozen orders.

This bug/issue needs to resolved asap, imo.
It depends on the amount of tabs you have open in chrome and if it is paid immediately or you have selected "Other Payments".

If it is paid immediately, with no issues, then you should get the order ID. Sometimes when you buy from multiple vendors with multiple order IDs, things may work properly. You can always do it manually, as we do it for every single order.

If it is selected as "Other Payments" on Aliexpress, which is what we do 99% of the time, we just copy the ID and paste it in the corresponding item manually. Yes, it takes a couple more seconds, but we get to pay up to 30 orders at once in Aliexpress. So no more calls to Credit Card company on tons of small charges, which are considered higher risk.

At any rate, we always check the order IDs at the time of order placement. We don't trust the plugin to do it for us, and you shouldn't either.