New in Dropshipping U$D300 in a week

Hello everyone!

Below I detail my experience with my first sales.

I have both versions of the Alidropship plugin. Im using Alidropship for ease of use.

I started 3 months ago. I trained enough during the last 3 months with each video I found and all the information I got from the members of this forum.

With this plugin i save a lot of time since I only had to deal with finding the product that worked and the method I was going to use to market. (Facebook Ads)

I started a site in Spanish speaking since it is my mother tongue and the results of one week are (picture is in the currency of my country):

Total Income: U$D889 in one week
Gain: U$D300

I'm excited because I'm just starting

Thanks to Yaros and Support Team for everything!


1.-I made a post with image and text with a link to my product
2.-I boost the post with ad interaction to see the response U$D 5
3.-If i see a good response and link clicks i make a conversion ad with add to cart U$D5
If no sales and i spent more than my gains i look another interests or product.