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I would say that people have, well let's say unrealistic expectations mostly because they don't learn enough about dropshipping (it applies to any topic, actually) before they start doing it. They don't do their research in depth for one reason or another, but they form an opinion and have expectations. Doesn't really go that way, does it?
The fact is that, in most cases, things need to go south for at least a few months for a business to start thinking about changing its skin. Yet, sometimes it's difficult to spot a downward slope before things get too outta hand. So, it's best to have the means to switch to another type even when starting an eCommerce in the first place - not putting all of your eggs in one basket, so to speak. Nourishing professional relationships with various kinds of suppliers and service providers is a must. If you have a well-oiled network to support you, then you'll probably see results fast, even as a "new" brand...