Issues with import product reviews


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Anyone facing issues when importing reviews from the Products page? When I tried to import reviews for a particular product (under the product Reviews tab), the processing goes into a seemingly endless loop (i.e. the aeroplane goes from left to right in an infinity loop) and never stops. However, when I close the page and reloads the same product, I can see some reviews been imported. Therefore, I am unsure whether the importing process hangs half-way through the process or could not complete.


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I'm having issues with the alidropship plugin update. I did update the plug in but then I got a message saying that it's a duplicate so I need to deactive and uninstall the Dropshipme plugin. I deactivate but instead of uninstall I was trying to delete the plugin and it says if I'm sure I wanted to do that cause it will delete all my data. I was not sure if I understood well but left it alone and need someone to help me understand that step.
Also, since they told me that I could import directly from the alidrophsip, I tried to click on the Products tab but instead it takes me to the License tab to activate. Need help!!!!
Hope I did explain myself!!!


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Same here, my review import stops at 51%


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