Is WooCommerce request to "Update WooCommerce Database" after version upgrade to 3.6.1. SAFE?

Quite understand that WooCommerce needs to update database tables so all dbase queries are in sync with the upgraded version. Just want to know if anyone has gone ahead and nothing broke! Doesn't guarantee much but still good to know if there were problems and how were they resolved before we dive in fingers-crossed.

We are at ADwoo v. and WC v.3.6.1 with Flatsome latest.


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Yes. It's safe. Update it. There is a new updated product data table.

Email from Woocommerce...

WooCommerce 3.6 is more performant on both customer-facing and administrative pages. These improvements are built upon a new Product Data Lookup Table which makes key pieces of data about products more efficient to query.
The end result is speed – a key metric for page ranking and customer happiness.
All the products and related info are in ONE table and that's a major cause of the CPU overuse problem. I heard rumours that the product table situation would be improved in the future ... so let's hope this latest update helps with that. But they're still using just one table.

We'll see I guess.

Thanks for looking in and the clear go ahead. Maybe things will be less clunky. We also noticed a huge baggage on the postmeta table (over 550,000 rows/counts) and >30MB of woocommerce_sessions ; we have about 1,000+ products. Looks like we might need to do a sweep - still waiting for WP Sweep plugin to be WP 5.1.1 compatible.