Invoice generated automatically


I need to automatically generate an invoice for each order. Has anyone already done this ?

I have tried the "WooCommerce PDF Invoices" plugin, but it does not work with the AliDropship plugin, which I am currently using.

Thanks !
If I understand well you're using Woo plugin...(Woo is not compatible with Ali non-woo plugin)...Woo Pluign does NOT generate orders, it is WoCommerce who do that..Download FREE YITH WooCommerce PDF Invoice and Shipping will add 2 icons to every order : WooCommerce -> orders

Tried PayPal invoices ?


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As far as I know, Woo does it not so good as suppose to yet there's no alternative to that on Ali. I've its issues bypassed by editing their basic invoice template with this tool it's a paid one, apparently, yet I used it only once on free trial to edit the pdf and then upload it to Woo. There are some formatting issues are still appearing nevertheless, but it's a way better now