Instagram promoters

Hey Guys! I have one of my Instagram followers telling me she wants to be one of my promoters by putting a discount code in her insta bio with a link to my Instagram page (She has around 1000 followers). What does one give the promoter usually as a return for this kind of promotion?
Hey Jennifer
Do you need social media expert? If you want to promote your business through social media like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc you can contact with, because I am also finding like that and they increase targeted followers and my business grow rapidly.

Hey, 1k followers its not a big deal. But normally for such cooperation you give a % commission for each sale that you get with his promo code ;)
Do you know any plugins to give the influencer an overview what they "sell" and what's their comission? Shopify has such plugin (expensive)..
It's nice that your followers are interested in cooperation with you, it might even bring you more followers ( yeah, as said above: 1k is not your limit). Also, don't give a big % for the promo. Your goods/services must bring you something. And don't wait for the audience to grow by its self. Check this service: You will attract more with this stuff.