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I have had my custom/premium shop for a couple of months but barely had time to start before I ended up in hospital 3 months ago and was hospitalized for a while. I thought I would recover quickly but half my body half is not restored. I love the store but since I do not know when I will be recovered or if I will, I do not have the opportunity to continue plus to be honest I need all the pennies I have for my hospital bills. I myself think that the marketing generated good traffic but have only made 2 sales because I put it aside.

My store: https://helliyshop.com/

Instagram is Helliyshop

I have always had good activity on social media with likes and shares so it is a store that is easy to market as long as you have the time.
Please take a look at the attached file there you can see that even if I haven´t done much it still is people coming to the store.

I paid $ 500 for the store but since I did not have much time and need to get it sold as soon as possible for bills, I had thought $ 400

I know that people use different reasons to get stores sold, but if there is a need, I have a medical record that shows that I am ill. I do everything to be able to pay and get the care I need

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Helen Johansson


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