business for sale

  1. ProAxis

    Home Lifestyle Store in Growing Niche + Marketing + Social Leads

    Miles Modern is a Home Lifestyle Store offering currently trending products in the Aromatherapy and Kitchenware Niche - Bed & Bath and Home & Garden Decor have excellent up-sell potential for long term engagement with your Audience 4 Day Shipping - Excellent Supplier Customer Support - Great...
  2. helliyshop

    I want to sell my custom/premium store in a hurry due to sickness

    Hi! I have had my custom/premium shop for a couple of months but barely had time to start before I ended up in hospital 3 months ago and was hospitalized for a while. I thought I would recover quickly but half my body half is not restored. I love the store but since I do not know when I will be...
  3. W

    Women Fashion Store For Sale

    Hello everyone. Selling my store. It is well designed and have some sales. Selling to sell, i am making and launching such sites for sale. Price may be negotiated in future. -------------------------------------------------
  4. M

    Smart Gadget Store for Sale (AD Plugin + SocialRabbit + Hosting + IG )

    I'm selling this store because Payment method is not suitable in my country Let me know if you guys are insterested
  5. L

    Selling Brand New Wall Sticker Ali Dropship Store + Facebook page + Instagram page + Twitter + G+

    Alidropship Ultimate Dropship Store Selling store + Facebook page + Meta data, Google indexing, social bookmarking, home page SEO article Social pages Facebook FB, Twitter, G+, Instagram FB, Twitter, G+, Instagram, YouTube Hello, Reason I am selling is that I have now been offered a job and...