How to order from AliExpress smoothly while traveling?

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This really stops me from opening my store.

I've read lots of nightmare stories about AliExpress closing orders, verifying, flagging cards, ect.

Especially when you start making big amount of orders. Customer service is slow or bad. Your store is failing, because you can't ship orders.

My situation: My business is registered in UK, bank, bank cards, addresses are all in UK. But I'm Lithuanian, and sometimes I stay in Lithuania, also plan to travel.

Now, I've made some test orders from AliExpress and every single time I get flagged, verified (it takes 8-11 days for them!!!).

My bank is ok with my activity, so it's is not the bank problem. Billing and account addresses mach, IP is in Lithuania and I don't use VPN.

I am approved by Alipay and sent all possible docs, even business docs, AliExpress know that I'm different country and I wan to dropship.

Still can purchase smoothly..

I understand AliExpress is not designed for dropshipping. And their fraud system is automatic.

So anyone in the same position? How do you deal with it?

How many times do you have orders closed and verified?

I see success stories, how do you do it with such a finicky store like AliExpress?


The customer service of AliExpress is quite poor. I really admire your enthusiasm about traveling, I love traveling too. But I recommend you to order from AliExpress while you are home, or choose another website. I don't want to offend no one, but I don't like AliExpress at all. I am working right now with the guys from, so I travel a lot, and while I am not at home, I don't want to risk and lose my money, which actually happened last time when I made an order from AliExpress.
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I still didn't understand the result. Were you able to understand the work of Aliexpress or not? I have a similar situation, although I am in Sweden and I am afraid that I will start having exactly the same problems as you. Most of the documents I have are registered in France, as well as the banks that I use are located in France. I live mainly in Sweden, and people come to France exclusively to visit relatives. I mostly travel with the help of trains and similar services And now I don't know what to do next, change all the documents and look for a bank in Sweden or not change anything, but talk to AliExpress support.
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I don't think 'dropshipping' customers get more trouble from Aliexpress business than customers of other online stores.
There are many customers on Aliexpress who have 'dropshipping' orders - and there are many customers who don't take orders (primarily people who have bought a product but aren't sure if they will use it).
If you're not getting orders in a business like this, it could be a problem of another nature. By the way, if you are traveling, check here
Have you tried ordering maybe through Alibaba, I think you can find better prices there.
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I think ordering through Aliexpress during traveling is not a difficult task, Anyone can easily order products through Ali-express mobile application.