How to legally steal other peoples Youtube Traffic...


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Hi guys, I found out some time ago this method and it works pretty well.
Maybe some of you knows but I'll share the concept.

I'll talk about Youtube

What you need to do…
  1. You need to look for videos with traffic…
  2. Check to see it still gets traffic…
  3. Check the video description just under the video and look for a link
  4. Now click that link to see if the site it relates to is still active
  5. If it isn’t then there is a very good chance you can actually buy the domain. And when you do, then you have effectively just hijacked all the traffic that video gets… it’s yours in an instant… and no I’m not joking

Forwarding Instructions…
  1. Buy the domain
  2. Click on the domain (the one you just purchased)
  3. Then look for where it says forwarding or domain forwarding (or similar) and click there.
  4. Then under Domain (not sub domain) look for where it says ‘You are not forwarding this domain. Add one now »’… Now click the link – drop in your Shop URL – Then click ‘Add Forwarding.
  5. Voila… you’re done.

How much traffic? That would depend on each video

What I’m doing… well simple really, I buy some domains, make some money and then buy some more domains. The goal for me is to get to 100 domains within the next month or so with no more than $30 out of my own product. This little trick is great because, once you find the domain and forward it your work is done… and that’s probably why this method has remained ‘Stealth’ as they say.

and all the best… Hope this works for you



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Nice method

I used to do this method 3 years ago for my CPA

its a time consuming task to research
the quality of the audience is depending on what type of video it is. if it is a sales video and domain is expired and you go it and created d same landing page as the video description than chances are one may make some aales.

the problem with this method is that rarely a person will let a domain get expired if the video is generating sales or traffic for them

just a niche related traffic is not enough to grab sales

just my 2 cents :)


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yeah about consuming time, you can do this manually but in my case I use Scrapebox and I have set regex and now I save 90% of my time.

I have a fans niche store and I can find tons of reviews on youtube. So in my case, it could be good for traffic at least.

this method would work great with CPA and CB I guess.
the method exist for long time but I try to find a way to automate almost all the process.