how to generate sales?


Yes, now that the forum is populated most of the common questions have been already answered at length.

Any newcomer should find all the information they need to build a nice looking store.

But still, some people are too lazy to search, read, learn, question themselves, debug, etc...

You won't find all your solutions just by reading only the forum. You have to try and test and dig by yourself.

Also apart from all the technical stuff, If you don't read books, articles, studies, watch courses, constantly learn, it won't get you anywhere.

If you can't handle the frustration, stop it right now and do something else. That seems harsh but it is not.

Because It would imply that it is easy for us when it not at all. We put tremendous energy and work in our stores and we are frustrated and upset too on a regular basis. That's what it takes.

If you hang on firmly to your independence there's no reason for not having some success.

No matter the few minutes you have your day, If you have to sacrifice free time, do it and don't complain.

Regarding the initial question of the thread:

It's good to surf on trends but when everybody is already doing the same - the same way -, potential consumers get bored quick.

If you don't have anything to differentiate yourself (design, offer, identity, concept, target audience? etc...), test another niche. There's so much to do.

There are so many interesting niches to try, it always surprises me when people do the same fandom stores, outdoor, fitness, phone cases... So fucking boring.

Do a store you will be confident to buy on, ask your friends around you. Fulfill a need that can be done better than the competition.
Always think of money as the result of good work not as a mean to an end.

A store filled with products and traffic is not a store... Put some life in it, put some interesting content, learn to tell stories people want to read, compelling descriptions, blog articles that could improve dwell time. Think of the most logical and simple navigation possible. Choose your category wisely.
Develop mail automation with follow up sequences so people don't feel you forgot about them once you have their hard earned money.

Be creative. Be bold and work your ass off and put some passion into it.

I could always complain that some people have more money than me to invest in paid ads, but I will never be jealous of any successful store when operated brilliantly. But I see boring stores after boring stores complaining about no sales, the explanation is quite simple.

1) Maybe the niche has no potential or is now boring to death because 10,000 people already do it the same boring way.

2) Your store sucks.

3) You suck and should learn more. We all got gaps to fill in some areas that need improvement. Google and learn like a demon, no excuses.

When something works, there are no mysteries involves. It works because all the boxes have been meticulously checked one by one.
You can be almost satanic to perfection when crafting the way your store operates when all is done properly. No guesswork.

And despite all these beautiful motivational words, I also see very successful stores with almost no content or description, poor design, that performs extremely well on irrational niches like Kpop and literally killing it. Yes, sometimes success can be totally irrational. But it's more the exception than the rule.

At least if you have done things well, let some irrationality comes in and appreciate even more success.

Try working with a Youtube influencer... That works wonders too.

Wish you success and lots of headaches too ;-)
That is true. Some inquiries are repeated and answered over and over. While some suggestions and inquiries are good and you appreciate because you learned, there are so many that don't really make sense at all. I even saw a member post about sending message to sellers of AliExpress if he can let them sign a contract. One recent post is asking if he can deliver AliExpress products in Pakistan. You would wonder how they come up with such crazy thoughts. This members may be offended and upset but it is true, there is a lot of nonsense in the forum.


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This forum is just for members, despite the fact that staff members post answers here now and again. It's stated so somewhere. Do a search :) Write to Support for staff answers to urgent/important problems. That's what it's for.

I don't know about you, but I use all resources at my disposal to find an answer to a problem. I usually try Google first as I get an answer in seconds, compared to waiting days, months in a forum. That's if I get an answer at all. LOL :)

Like the question above about Paypal. It has nothing at all to do with Yarros or the plugin. It's to do with Paypal. It's much more logical to get an instant answer from Google, or a slightly slower answer from Paypal (By reading it's FAQ) or an even slower answer in an unrelated forum. I figured directing the person to a page with all the facts he needs would be much more efficient that repeating it all myself here. The guy in question thanked me for the link, so I don't know why you're complaining it.

99% of the time when someone has a problem or a query they think it's unique to them. In reality, others have had the same problem or query and answers to it are already online somewhere.

Was that bad of me to supply a link to information that he needed? If I upset you by doing so ... my apologies.

Common sense .. it's a dying art these days ... but ironically, it's exactly what's needed to run an online business. lol :)
You have been very gentle and kind and assisted me with the necessary Links Needed to solve any of my problems..i am Thankful to you! Keep it Up...Regards Ibrahim


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thank you! You are right, according to me all seems to be correctly respected... price formula, postings, clear images, interesting products etc....
anyway thanks for your message...Regards.... (My concerned Website) Please Visit my Site...thanks

Hello Axiom786 I went to your site and I can't select anything. I tried selecting a product and size and could not select either one. You need to look into that, maybe that's your problem.


thank you! You are right, according to me all seems to be correctly respected... price formula, postings, clear images, interesting products etc....
anyway thanks for your message...Regards.... (My concerned Website) Please Visit my Site...thanks
Can't imagine a site with a large image that redirect visitors to AliExpress. Just a quick look at your site, there could be many more.



Hi! my site is Anime related already used FB,Instagram ads and now using adwords and create different campaigning/ad-group ads with targeting audiance,keywords,placement and spent $300+ from last 20 days, but did not get any sales,why? Generally i have traffic flow of 500-700+ daily it only generate $200-300 sales average per month.How to increase sales?
i too have similar experience. no sale whatsoever from google fb pinterest ads.



How to generate sales?

This is a good question. Many could benefit from the suggestions and answers to this thread. Sellers with experience could help others if they wish to add their suggestions, tips, etc.

Sales what keeps a business going.

To new sellers, don't expect much sales from the get go.
You need to build your brand and promote your website.
You need to have products that customers want.
Your website must be fast to load and easy to navigate
Even with all of that you will still not get enough sales..
More traffic means more sales.
Expect for every 100 visitors that visit your website, 2-3 will buy. Maybe less.
As you build your customer base, you will get more traffic and sales.
But don't expect more than 5% of visitors will buy.


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Hey mate, I know what you're talking about! Been doing digital marketing for a while now. In case that everything described in your thread is true, and you are completely sure that your paid adds, keywords, content, and backlinks are well handled — I would assume you are getting traffic.
Now the question would be: why there is traffic but no sales? Right. Well, there's only one answer to it — funnel optimization.
It's not enough just to have everyone aware and visiting, you need to build interest once they're in and well organized process for them to go through in order to close! Look into that and you will find the answer.
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I agree, one possibility is that your funnel isn't optimized - meaning that people are coming to your site but aren't finding what they're looking for and aren't completing the purchase.

You can test this by looking at your web analytics and seeing where people are dropping off in the purchase process. If you see that a lot of people are visiting your page but not buying, it might be worth doing some A/B testing on your page to see if you can increase conversion rates. You can also look at optimizing your sales funnel - making sure that it's easy for people to find what they're looking for and complete the purchase.