no sales

  1. A

    Need help for my Woo Alidropship Store.

    I started a website recently - . I sell baby stuff as I have some niche products/tags/categories. So far I have spend a lot of cash and ended with just 2 sales (which didn't came from paid promotions). I tried Facebook ads, Instagram Influencers Promotions, Google...
  2. V

    Integration of sales funnels in AliDropship

    Hi all, I have been checking again, which alternatives to Oberlo are out there in the iSpace, however, the one and only good one is AliDropship. Nothing more to say about that. Considering that eCom stores with Wordpress and WooCommerce or Wordpress and AliDropship are an accountable and...
  3. fanmerch

    how to generate sales?

    Hi! my site is Anime related already used FB,Instagram ads and now using adwords and create different campaigning/ad-group ads with targeting audiance,keywords,placement and spent $300+ from last 20 days, but did not get any sales,why? Generally i have traffic flow of 500-700+...
  4. jubran

    A lot of traffic but NO SALES, where does the problem lie?

    Hello, I have a website and I have it setup and ready to sell. Did some tests and everything seems to work. The website is also fast and secure yet I am seeing extremely high bounce rate. People just enter the website and exits. The website is: And I am actually selling some...