How to Add only hashtags of other's posts instead of full text into grabber tool?

Syed Raza

New Member
I am using social rabbit but the grabber tool is promoting other's accounts instead of helping mine.
anyone can tell me that how can I use only hashtags? I don't want there text but I want to use their hashtags.


Staff member
Hi, if you are using %FULLTEXT% variable in your Grabber template, you will take the full product description from the original message. But you can add your own hashtags to Grabber template and use them.
Syed - you have to remember that the grabber is meant to be a tool for reposting.
that way, if you have set up that it grabs from a full hashtag, then yes - you run a risk of the grabber actually posting for your competitors.
my advice is to not base yoru grabber on hastags, but to do real research and make a list of maybe 100 identified users.

Example :
lets say i run a dropshipper for ... baby clothes and maternity clothes.
If i run the grabber on the full keyword for #babyclothes , i will guaranteed end up with reposts that are from competitors.

BUT , if i pend a day looking over that hashtag, i will find a lot of users that posts a ton of good images, which arent really salesrelated posts.
I wold for example look for users in that niche that are good photographers, combined with new parents, and perhaps also with interests that are quite healthy .. So the combination of #baby #photo and #outdoors or #fitness ...
Now - im not asking you to use those 4 hastags as your keywords - im asking you to find users that frequently USE them., and then ASK thee users for permission to repost every now and then ...

Dont forget to use a good IG text ( or a collection of them, {text 1 | text2 | text 3 } combined with credits to the original user @user.
a good textstring would then be :

#repost coming up !!
{ Sharing this great #baby image from a fantastic #friend. | a #friend of mine a has this #amazing image. | ...... etc }
{ isnt this cute? |let us hear what YOU think of this ? | ... etc..etc..}
( for added complexity you can add several more spin-brackets , just make sure they all can look great in relation to eachother... i use 3-4 )

#notmyimage #repost #baby #maternity # motherhood# ... ( and all those well researhed hashtags )
Original credit to @user
%TITLE% ( gives only the main title of the original posters image. )

You see how this would improve the grabber for you ?