How to add my Coupon code in my Purchase Template


I am looking for a process to add coupon code for my purchased customer in the Email confirmation notification. Kindly someone help me to add the coupons in my Purchase mail sent to customer.

It will be helpful to others also if we solve this query



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If it's the same coupon code for all customers ... just edit that template and insert something like "Here is your Thank You Coupon Code THANKS25" or whatever it is.

If you want to generate a new coupon for every customer, you have to do it manually in another manual email, as well as creating the new coupon every time. A lot of work if it involves many customers.

If you used Woo ... you could use the "Follow Up Emails" plugin and do it all automatically, including generating unique codes for each customer.

The Original plugin is simply is not designed for all these custom things people want to do with it. It's strictly an "off the shelf" plugin.

If you want major customization, you need to use the Woo version.

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