email notification

  1. M

    Show sent emails to customers?

    Is there a way to see which email notifications were sent out to your customers? I want to make sure that the email notification process is set correctly, but I don't know how to check this.
  2. C

    Order shipped notification adsw_tracking_status translation

    hi, how can fix the email content for Order shipped notification is adsw_tracking_status:dispatched See screen shoot in attachment. Thank you.
  3. B

    How to add my Coupon code in my Purchase Template

    Hi, I am looking for a process to add coupon code for my purchased customer in the Email confirmation notification. Kindly someone help me to add the coupons in my Purchase mail sent to customer. It will be helpful to others also if we solve this query Thanks
  4. M

    Dropshipping confirmation email

    Is there a way to edit the order confirmation email when someone orders a product? I would like to add in the email that they can expect the item in about 2-5 weeks. So I don't keep getting chargebacks because people think they're getting scammed when they expect their item to be delivered with...
  5. S

    My SMTP setting doesn't send an email copy of product purchase to Buyer

    I have set all setting as instructed in the knowledge base. The outgoing SMTP HOST and SMTP port settings are perfectly fine and all DNS settings are properly done. Still, My buyer ( Testing mode ) are not getting email acknowledgment of product purchase whereas I get an email notification in my...
  6. Benoit

    Shipping Tracking Number & Mandrill | How to add it automatically?

    Hi Everyone, Need your help regarding Shipping orders from WooCommerce using Alidropship Woo. I am currently using Mandrill (with MailChimp transactional email Template). How can I have the shipping tracking code automatically added to the "shipping order" email? Thanks in advance for your...
  7. M

    No order details under customer account

    I made a test order as client on my webiste. i got an email from the store as thank you email and could see the order details in the email. Now i'm seeing 2 issues here 1. After placing the order i went to my account and when i click Order tab i can not see any order details under my account...