Shipping companies in Dubai have always worked with remarkable efficiency and have generally been unwilling to embrace emerging technologies that may be disruptive to the logistical systems.

However, as the growing demands of consumers regarding shipping times and sustainable operations. Working in this digital age means that the Logistics companies in Dubai should take advantage of the new technologies.

Enhanced technology has also increased productivity in the supply chain, errors, and minimizing costs. These growths benefit all areas of the shipping companies in Dubai, such as trucking transportation, international transportation, shipment tracking, and supply chain management. Below are the significant changes that the shipping companies are going to see due to technological advancements.

  • Enhanced GPS accuracy
Those days are gone when you printed the directions from the computer before leaving the house. Now almost everyone utilizes GPS, whether built-in on their vehicles or their mobile devices. The precision of these devices has increased with the passing years; it helps the lost, frustrated drivers and helps the logistics companies in Dubai.

The advanced precision of GPS allows for increased productivity and satisfied customers by tracking truck locations and improving hauls via access to updated traffic areas.
  • Autonomous drones and trucks
In a world where a computer drives you from one point to the other, or you receive a package from a flying uncrewed aerial vehicle, it does sound like something out of a movie, although it is where we are moving towards.

Autonomous cars are already here. Uber and Embark have already made hauls using autonomous trucks, with Tesla also releasing a truck.

Amazon has announced that the future of packages is delivered right to the doorstep through drones, known as Amazon Prime Air. Drone deliveries are still some years out due to regulatory measures and involved costs.

There are various benefits of drone shipping, such as:
  • Lower employee and energy costs
  • Cargo does not need to be lumped together in trucks
  • Quicker deliver
  • Can make deliveries to inaccessible areas

  • Shipment tracking systems

Previously, consumers booked shipments, received an estimated delivery date, and then we're left in the dark unless they chose to make a phone call. Today, software and internet advances allow consumers access to tracking and shipping systems 24 hours. It enhances the customer experience, but it also saves time and money for the company.

  • Ships without sailors

Ninety percent of the world's trade movement is done via freight ships, and transporting goods overseas is almost always done with ships, with the high cost of air freight. With the shipping companies in Dubai depending heavily on freight ships, it is no surprise that companies are working to develop ships that rely less on humans, which cost more, and are prone to mistakes.

Remotely controlled ships, piloted by people onshore, and autonomous ships, which can take actions for themselves, are the latest beneficiaries of increased digital connectivity and intelligence.

These developments in telecommunications, electronic sensors, and computing devices have sparked interest in a range of autonomous vehicles such as cars, helicopters, trains, and now ships. Various companies and researchers globally are working hard to turn these ideas into reality.


In the shipping industry, we witness the collision of old school and brand new technology. Delivery meets drones, ships being automated. Some of these technologies we talked about are years off, while some of them are just around the corner. For sure, the logistics companies in Dubai are changing, and there is nothing to do to stop it.


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I wonder how different AIs will change our life. To be honest, I don't want the ships to be without sailors


The increased efficiency, reduced errors, and cost optimization that technology brings to the supply chain are undoubtedly significant advantages. It's exciting to think about the positive changes that technological advancements can bring to various aspects of shipping companies in Dubai, from transportation to supply chain management.
For those interested in delving deeper into the realm of technology and its transformative potential, you might find this link informative:
Here's to a future where technology continues to drive positive changes and innovations in the logistics industry in Dubai and beyond!
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I know firsthand that a well-managed supply chain network benefits businesses, consumers and other stakeholders. For customers, efficient logistics means on-time delivery and accurate fulfillment of orders, resulting in a positive shopping experience. Thus, implementing supply chain planning software benefits both businesses and consumers.