High Ticket eCommerce Business For SALE...


Hi, I'm looking out to sale one of my High Tickets Website for just $5000.

This is a website that has an average order value AOV ($390) par sales. The eCom is on highly performing very well when it comes to conversion.

This is making at least $4000 par month. and can easily be scale.

I'll personally give you the same blueprint that I use to get few highly targeted traffic.

If You Buy It,

You'll get the Domain Name (till April 2022)
A Full Licence of Ali Dropship
Stripe & PayPal
Tawk.to Like Chat
Analitify Premium Plugin
Abandoned Cart Premium Plugin
Premium Elementor
Sales Pop Up

and many more... for sales conversion.

Only Interested & Serious Buyers should DM me...


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Even without running traffic, this still work fine...


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I have noticed that e-commerce simplifies business processes in many branches of entrepreneurship. For example, to open an online store, there is no need to rent a physical space or hire salespeople and delivery employees. All actions can be automated, and if the goods are electronic, then the delivery service can be simplified many times. As a result, transaction costs are lower, which affects the cost of products and services. In addition, the guys from transformagency.com have created an excellent website for me, where my products are nicely placed.
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I hope you were able to find a buyer for your high ticket eCommerce website. Selling a website with a good average order value and strong conversion performance can be an exciting opportunity for someone looking to enter the online business world.
If any interested and serious buyers were considering your offer, it would have been essential for them to thoroughly assess the potential of the website, including its traffic sources, marketing strategies, and growth prospects.
In case you are still looking for professional support to manage or enhance the website after the sale, you could have explored IT staff augmentation services. They offer skilled experts who can assist with website development, maintenance, and other technical aspects to ensure its continued success.
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I was wondering, if there are any high-ticket items out there, being successfully marketed (and maybe even sold) online. Or is online more the place to sell commoditized items costing 50 to 70 ish?

Here is my list, please feel free to add:
- property
- luxury holidays
- cars
- jewellery

What would you say is the main difference when selling compared to small ticket items? click here to view some listing