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Hi guys,

I've added a product to my store sourced from multiple countries but I would like to use only shipping from the USA.

How can I make sure that it is selected and doesn't show on the product page. I am using Flatsome theme.


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I've found in the FAQ that you need to remove the other countries from the variations, I did and I've removed several variations.
But how do I know which ID variation I should remove for for instance USA - White.

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You have to remove variations from the countries that you do not want to ship from. As I know in your screenshot you have to remove all variations except Ships from USA. You have to keep 429 only.

Next I have been still working around on how to hide it on frontend from the customers. There is a thread about it on the forum but could not make it work for me. It is a good idea to hide it with CSS code but make it selected. Of I find it I will reply. Have a nice day.