Have you checked your checkout flow using hotjar or lucky orange?

I have been looking this week and before at possible reasons for abandonment.
I had two very persistent Irish customers who failed to checkout because of woocommerce field county and a link being presented to check address.

This is not the only issue I have with the checkout. If you compare to shopify stores you can see they are much more advanced with CRO.
I know there is an expensive plugin called click flows I just can't afford it until sales are consistent.

Anyone else looking into this area of their stores?
I track using Hotjar. I am getting many drop-offs from checkout page. and still figuring out what it is. Have tried everything like changing shipping text, payment page texts etc. People takes time to fill everything and then fly away after payment page. I have tested the payments working fine. Getting sales, but still many abandoned orders.
I think the checkout process is bit long for first-time impulse buyers, and they get exhausted/change mind till the process finishes where they pick up their cards.

I am eager to test the one-step checkout page discussed here: https://forum.alidropship.com/threads/i-want-to-use-stripe-on-form-payment-method.14647/