[Group Buy] Adsector Annual CLOSED

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You will guys i get it ready.
I will have to pay another membership because they don t want to unlock my account.. I get reply from them every 1-2 days so the process is very long..
Well I'm thinking to change my method to avoid hack.


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they don't give me ETA, just to wait more :(
I have just resent message few minute ago, will see tomorrow their answer..
keep in touch

Mao Tsu

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Finally my account is fixed
Well its not true!!
My account has been banned so for all buyers, you will receive a special access to my new account.

I have bought a new one for a year just for you guys!
You paid me for an annual access and from there you should get Adsector for 1 year from now.

its no longer a firefox portable so I have to write a little tutorial to explain you what and how to use.

Let me a day or so and I will contact you by email you used for the payment.

keep in touch

Please, send it to me.


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Ok, here the final posts of this Group Buy and I'm very sad of what I'm going to write now.
As you all know, I sell this Group Buy Access for about 6 months now and everything was working fine.
But lastly, someone hacked this and Adsector banned my account.

As a reminder, Adsector Annual cost me about $3000 for and now I cannot have access anymore.

As owner, Group Buy could be good as I reselled my access by sharing the account but it comes a high risk to lost everything.

As buyer, you must be aware of groupbuy or how groupbuy works. f you want 100% stable service just purchase tools directly. Groupbuy has its own problems no one can provide 100% stable service and thats the reason you are using tools that worth over $3000 only for $50..

Whats about refund?
No, we do not offer any refund for the same reason mentioned above and I repeat: please do not purchase a GB subscription if you Don't know how it works and what are the risks. I was providing Adsector for $50 only. I have paid over $3000 to this provider, then purchasing proxies for each user etc. Therefore its take it or leave it deal. Do not purchase if you don't want to take the risk.

$50 per year was cheap, do some research and you won't find it cheapest, or go tell me where because I did not find it yet. There are all-around 40-50 or even more per Month.

From now, I know your position and just before to close this I wanted to give you something to compensate your lost.

I will share ALL, yes ALL of my GroupBuy for FREE for all buyers of Adsector such as:

  • mailbiz.co
  • ArticleForge
  • Link2Vid
  • World Wide Brands
  • Salehoo
  • eComHunt 2.0
  • WordAI

At the moment, All above are actually working but now and once again, you know the risks are the same.

all Adsector deliveries have been made by private message so for all buyers who want these access, plz contact me in private and tell me what email you used when you purchased Adsector. I have kept all data so I will know if you have ordered Adsector or not.

Finally, I'm very sorry about that and hopefully get your comprehension.

Also, I will ask admin to close my GB posts.

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