fb ads

  1. jeffersondraculan009

    FB ADS metrics

    Hi! How are you guys reading your FB ads metrics as FB is no longer tracking or giving accurate metrics? Its so hard to make smart decisions due to this. Thank you Jeff
  2. C

    Need Help on Restricted FB Page and Business Account, and Disabled Ads Account

    I am a newbie dropshipper and we recently set up our FB page and business. I would say that FB is quite overwhelming. Ads were doing well at first until one ad got rejected (i can't see anything wrong actually) and couldn't be edited because the ad account was disabled. After a few hours of...
  3. elfrost

    [Group Buy] Adsector Annual CLOSED

    GB Name : Adsector Annual Version : Last OS : Anything Type : FB Ads Spy & Analytics GB Price : $3000/y GB Cost : $50 GB Status : Delivered Homepage : SalePage The Most Advanced Advertising Analytics Tool On The Market Take the guesswork out of designing ads that grab attention. Use what’s...
  4. Keyur Amin

    FB Ads - 30 clicks for just $1.48

    Hey folks. I just finished my purchasing of a plugin, installation of theme, setting and customisation of theme and creating pictures in Canva and hell of a task to complete the site up and running in just 8 hours. I thank you to the developers who has designed and developed this plugin to make...
  5. Irsan Widyawan

    FB ads Pixel

    Hi everyone, I am using FB ads for promoting my website. I want to ask, we know that we can put our FB Pixel ID on Alidropship customization. Is that correct if only put FB Pixel ID on the Alidropship customization, we don't need put another pixel code for Add to cart, purchase, view content...